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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Our CORE is the total of our mind, emotion, body and spirit. When we align ALL THINGS, we come to stand in our power.

Each and every day, in every moment possible, I seek clarity and truth in consciousness, in the awakening that wisdom and transformation exist – Raine Dal

Our core is the center of our identity and authenticity. So that even when we fall out of alignment with our authenticity, we are brought back to our true nature. When we are connected to our Divine Source, we are at one with the Universal power that creates all worlds. We stand for who we are. Our core chakra, is aligned with Divine Source. Our core soul center seeks to gain balance with our will, ego, personality, self-discipline, confidence and power. We achieve this through a check in process as we align our mind and emotions with our body. We become an active participant in our life events. We become a part of discovering ourselves all over again.

Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavor ought to be to set off that spark in one another – Kenny Ausubel

When we are happy with ourselves, we desire to connect with others and lift them up. We are encouraged and others encourage us. It is a reciprocal interaction that is creative and insightful. We are creating a Universal Dynamic that a symphony of Angels instruments are heard throughout worlds.

Believe that you can!

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities!

Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers,

you cannot be successful or happy. – Norman Vincent Peale

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