Imprinting a New Perspective

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Re-creating, re-inventing, re-contextualizing......

We all have the power within to change whatever we wish to achieve in our lives. Whether it's discovering our hidden artistic talents or beginning a different career, we can build new dreams.

Reach for the stars. Re-create.

"Be the Change."

Art is one form of expression that assists us in reaching into our emotions. It's developing an ability to take the words in our emotion and pour them onto canvas or various medium. Enjoying the process is where all the fun is!
WAWby classes are fun, interesting and help in the exercises of release, expression and expansion.


Always being open to the discovery of learning and expansion, we dismantle our limitations by increasing in the consideration of self. Whether we explore a new sport, discover ourselves through music or create an art piece, our mind expands and our emotional intelligence increases as consciousness leads us into MASTERY.

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