Who I am


What I absolutely love about encouraging people is to help them to see the best of their best, giving them the gift of empowerment.  Letting others know that they can rise above limitations and explore the expansion of themselves, creates an excitement that transforms me also.  We ALL benefit from the course of self-actualization and in the MASTERY of all that we choose to become.  For me, that means revealing to others how the path of a practical yet metaphysical awareness, guides us into the source of consciousness. 


Why I do this


Having suffered set backs in my own life and hearing how others have also, I found a hot button that resurrected a life-force within me, to heal the blueprint of limitations.  Awakening others to how the realization of understanding and growth is a valuable transformational tool, that transforms.  My passion is that others see their greatest potential and become everything they desire to be.

What I can do for you


DEDICATED.  Bring me a situation, problem, or challenge and I will help you to discover the solutions that will elevate you and fill your experience with wisdom and fulfillment.  Find the power of your inner voice that comes through exploration from deep within your inner soul and in the becoming of who you truly are.  By helping you discover your own intuitive knowledge, transformation begins and continues......



     Weight Loss       Career Guidance

     Depression        Physical Wellness

       Isolation         Home & Work Space

        Anxiety                 Relationships                       Fear                           PTSD                  

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